Updated Tuesday October 1, 2019 by Keith Stubblefield.

We understand the feeling of “OH NO . . . not another fundraiser” or “UH-OH . . . when was I to pick up that fundraiser?” For this reason, we have created an option to support our athletes, coaches, and club by participating in a buyout and not feeling any pressure about participating in our various fundraisers. For those who do not have the time or the resources to be actively involved in various fundraising activities, we have something for you: The Buy-Out option. The buyout cost is a minimum contribution of $175 per family with 100% going to the volunteers to help the club and provide other fun opportunities for the athletes. Please understand, you will still receive all the club fundraising fliers, but that is only if you want to make a personal purchase because you want the item(s) yourself but again, NO OBLIGATION! Please note:  the buyout would not apply to GH Opener, and GH Relays fundraisers. However, while we love your support in all other events, they are optional.

Active Fundraising activities is taking place now!