About Greater Houston Track Club

Updated Monday September 23, 2019 by Keith Stubblefield.

Founded 2012 Greater Houston Track Club was designed to be more than a Track Club. We have created a model that builds confidence, character, and health within our youth across the Greater Houston Metro Area. Greater Houston Track Youth are Stellar Athletes, Scholars, and Future Leaders within our community and society as a whole. GHTC not only teaches the Art of Speed, but we also translate how it applies in our everyday living.  Every year since 2013, GH has been proving the process yields greatness from all athletes in 2018 GH was ranked in the top10 "Most Attendances at the AAU National Championship".  2019 GH won the AAU Gulf District Championship and #1 "Most Attendances at the AAU National Championship", but we're not done as we prepare for 2020 GH would like to welcome you to be apart of our growth and excitement.